About us

Gem Telergon is an Indo-Spanish joint venture established in 1998 to manufacture Rotary Cam Switches.In 2006 Telergon was accquired by Pronutec and today the group is called Gorlan Team.

Gorlan Team consists of the following entities:
Pronutec, Telergon, Gem Telergon, Plastibor and Gorlan Technologies

Telergon is a leading player in solar photo-voltaic business in Europe and USA.GT in its endeavour to broad base its business has moved into this space in India where the government is working on an ambitious project to install 20,000 MW of Solar energy by 2020.

GT is now engaged in promoting TFV Switches(manufactured in Coimbatore) and Telergon branded S5000 DC Switch Disconnectors in India for application in Solar combiner box,array junction box and inverters.

Some of our leading customers in India are Siemens,Hensel Electric,Cape Electric,Trinity Touch,Nordic etc.

Gorlan Technologies which is based in Coimbatore provides engineering support for the group.TFV switch was designed and developed at Gorlan Technologies.